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Qissa-e-Sheher” (the narratives
of the places)

India Explorer Fellowship Documentary Production

The vision of the India Explorer Fellowship was to collect stories from multiple metro cities, small towns and rural regions across multiple states of India. The stories were focused on the local and native people of a particular place and the motive was to understand what their perspective regarding their own place is. The project differed from touristic documentaries of a particular place but what it rather focused on id the local histories, the myths, the stories legends from the voice of the local people of that place. We wanted to see how different native people perceive the same place in different light. So the epicenter of our project was the stories, the cities and the people- thus naming it “Qissa-e-Sheher” (the narratives of the places). We collected over 50 narratives from 15 different states of India covering across the north, south, east, west, north-east and central India. The final production was a documentary consisting of these various narratives. 

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